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Jon N - Game Changes Studio Customer

Jon N


Emily and Magellan have brought their A-game in a hip, stylish package where guys can get slick cuts with the safest COVID-19 precautions in place.  Up your game with them!

James S - Game Changes Studio Customer

James S


For the past 9 months I have traversed the island searching for a barber.

After spending a combined total of $400 on classic shaves and haircuts at 6 shops, I have found the champion. (Hint: it’s this one.)

I judge my barbershops by the straight razor experience. The other barbers I have visited on Oahu have left me with a poor shave job, or questionable cuts on my face. (Yikes)

But not this one! It was a phenomenal experience to have Magellan take care of me. A perfect shave combined with a high quality and relaxing atmosphere.

I’ve visited twice now, and thus can assure you that this was not a one time experience. This shop takes their time and ensures you get exactly what you want. If you’re looking for a great shave and fantastic haircut, this is the spot!

Johnny L - Game Changes Studio Customer

Johnny L


Long over due review!

First off, Congratulations again to Emily and Magellan on opening their own spot!

I remember the first time meeting her at Mojos in the end of 2018 before my trip to Vegas. Best haircut I ever had and have not been to anyone else ever since. Before her I would go to just any asian hair salon that were cheap and affordable, but you really get what you pay for.
I have very straight asian hair and most barbers wouldn’t know what to do or always turned out differently from how I wanted.

New spot obviously is new so it is super clean and layout is nice! Loving the new chairs they chose and easily just spin around for a nice hair wash. Love the color choice they chose and the lighting makes the place look real clean. I believe there are still some furniture pieces waiting to come in and to be added but overall right now everything already sick!

Booking appointments is easy and convenient. If you follow their instagram page gamechangers_studio they have a link in their bio. All options are clear and easy to choose from. Type of service you want, Barber to chose, Date, time. You will get notified when your appointment is accepted via text.

Emily is truly experienced and does amazing work. Super friendly, Has always been consistent and leaves me amazed and fresh every single time. When I found out about her having her new place, it was an easy decision to follow her.

TIP: Use the parking tip of going to Marin Tower. I was rushing to the appointment and ended up parking in the open lot right and ended up paying $16 for less than an hour.

Overall, highly recommend checking out the new spot and supporting Emily and Magellan. Two amazing barbers who truly enjoy their craft.

Jeffrey-A - Game Changes Studio Customer

Jeffrey A


New shop, new vibes, awesome barbers.

I’ve been going to Emily for about 4-5 years and when she finally told me about her own shop, I was totally onboard. Once you step into the shop, its well lit and vibrant. You get to see the new (and nice) chairs, product for sale on the right side, and they even have a massage chair.

Emily always provides great customer service, funny conversations, and a relaxing kinda vibe. One of the convenient things is that the sink is right in front of the chair, so all you have to do is spin around and you’ll get a wash. It brings back the old school vibes in a new school type of way.

You’ll be able to find the shop along North King Street (right next to Hawaii National Bank). There is available parking at Marin Tower or metered street parking. It’s free after 6pm and shop is open till 7.

I have to give props to Emily for finally opening her own shop. Congratulations! I’ll see you shortly in several weeks.

Jonathan-C - Game Changes Studio Customer

Jonathan C


Best place to get your hair done. It’s really nice and relaxing, clean smooth interior, with an amazing atmosphere. I’ve gone to both Emily and Magellan for a couple of years now, and will follow Emily anywhere. I’m glad they both got a place together so that if one is booked, I can always go to the other without any worries.
Even if it’s your first time, they make you feel welcomed and makes it known that there’s never “asking too much”. Friendliest barbers around that’ll guarantee you leave with a fresh cut, EVERY. DAMN. TIME.
Booking is super easy online, with options to reschedule or cancel without having to call in. AND they got drinks?! Seriously, try it out, you won’t regret it.

Antonio G - Game Changes Studio Customer

Antonio G


One of the very best barbers in Honolulu just opened her own barbershop and she brought all the game changers. Top notch barbers in a super clean environment. I came in on a last minute appointment and I left looking fresh to death. Can’t miss this spot, I’m going to become a regular before it gets crazy, because it will. Magellan hooked it up this time and it was top notch.
Love this spot!

Chris A - Game Changes Studio Customer

Chris A


Love the vibe and the people there! Moved from another shop just for the Barber! Great style and skill! Recommend over any other place on the Island!

Clyde-W - Game Changers Studio Customer

Clyde W


Whenever I move to a new location one of the first things I do is ask/look around for a great barbershop. Well for Honolulu I found a gem in Game Changers Studio. Emily and Magellan are excellent barbers and have perfected their craft. Extremely humble people and good vibes make this a perfect place for gentlemen and ladies. Magellan always takes care of my beard and I leave with a smile and more confidence. Don’t look anywhere else for a barbershop. Book your appointment online and welcome to the game changers club!

Mike B - Game Changes Studio Customer

Mike B


What an awesome new studio. One of The best barber one the island open up this new studio. Very fresh and bright. Parking was so easy at Marin tower and cheap $1.50 an hour. Emily is always very professional and one point with her fades. Cold is always a plus.

Jonathan R - Game Changes Studio Customer

Jonathan R


10/10 experience. Magellan’s been taking care of me for a few years now, and I trust no one else with my head. More than happy to follow him here– bright, clean aesthetic, easy access from the street, cheap parking nearby. And as always, a superb grooming experience. Warm welcomes and cold beer are the just icing on the cake. Support local, support quality– you get both of those here.

Levi B - Game Changes Studio Customer

Levi B


I gotta say this spot is the prime example of what good customer service should be. My boy Magellan, is an excellent barber. PERIOD. It’s a hidden gem location, they serve drinks, and have great taste in music. Just perfect in its own ways. Will be coming more often!

J-T - Game Changes Studio Customer



Two of the best barbers in Hawaii working together in a new clean shop. This is the kind of place where you don’t have to worry about your cut. You cannot go wrong working with Emily or Magellan. Either way you will not leave disappointed. Not to mention they also carry hair and skin products that are hard to find even online. These two are truly changing the game.

Rebekah H - Game Changes Studio Customer

Rebekah H


Game Changers is the best barber shop on Oahu! Emily and her team are committed to providing the best experience possible at a very reasonable price! I always get the best haircut! The atmosphere is clean and sleek and the staff are friendly and inviting! I love the online booking and I never have a problem getting an appointment! If you are looking for a new barber, you have found the right place!

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